• Apr 12 2019

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    Spring Is Here and So Are Allergies!

    Spring is here and so is allergy season! As any allergy sufferer knows, this changing of seasons brings all the beauty of the spring, as well as all of the…

  • Aug 03 2018

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    The Heat and Your Pet

    Summer is officially here, and so is the heat!! Whether you like to bake in the sun, or are an indoor dweller in love with the wonders of your AC…

  • Jun 21 2018

    Fleas and Ticks and Mosquitos, Oh My!

    It is Flea and Tick Season, as well as Mosquito Season! Yuck! Along with the beautiful warmer weather we have all been waiting patiently for unfortunately comes bugs ☹ Please…

  • Jun 15 2018

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    About Us!

    We wanted to help you get to know more about some of our amazing staff here at Huntington Village Animal Hospital this week! We also always welcome anyone interested to…

  • Jun 01 2018

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    We are finally open!

    We are finally open! We officially opened the doors to Huntington Village Animal Hospital on March 9, 2018, and could not be more excited to be here! We have been…